Big Brother contestant kicked out after being accused of raping fellow housemate


A contestant on the South African version of Big Brother has been removed from the house after being accused of raping one of his female housemates.

Siyanda Ngwenya, 24, allegedly attacked his fellow contestant while she was asleep following a boozy night of partying.

The pair were last seen on camera kissing and cuddling.

The next day, Ngwenya (who is also known as Adams) reportedly told housemates he had sex with the woman.

YoutubeSiyanda Ngwenya, known as Adams, on South Africa Big Brother

Though the alleged victim is said to have told female contestants it wasn't consensual.

A statement from the channel which airs the show read: "At this stage, it is not exactly clear what transpired between (the woman) and Adams.

"Having suspected that there may have been an incident of sexual misconduct, Mzansi Magic acted by removing both individuals from the house."

YoutubeSiyanda Ngwenya, known as Adams, on South Africa Big Brother

They also said the woman was removed from the reality show for "her own well being".

It is not yet known if police are involved.

Becca, Raquel, Lydia Forson, D Black Others Send Messages of Support to YFM’s Ada

Ms Ada is  still recovering from her ordeal and Ghanaian personalities in the spotlight have weighed in with words of encouragements to our YFM Takoradi host of Y Lounge.

Becca, Raquel, Lydia Forson, D Black and others have sent in word.

Read highlights below!

Becca: Still so speechless. But I can only wish Ms. Ada well. And it was a radio presenter it happened to. #WITHYOUINPrayers#WeRise

Jessica wrote "Let me say this in no uncertain terms...What happened to this yfm presenter in Takoradi must be vehemently condemned. No right thinking human being would subject his mother or sister to such a dastardly act. We must find the perpetrators and bring them to book. You cannot simply subject a woman to such treatment no matter what she did wrong... and for those of you asking questions like 'what was she wearing'? 'Are we sure it's not a publicity stunt etc... you should be ashamed of yourselves. Let it be known that I consider this as an attack on all women... especially those of us in the limelight... let it also be known that we will not and cannot be bullied into submission. That will not happen. Let's seek justice for our fellow sister. #Justice4Ada Share if you agree."

Joel Orleans wrote "I can't believe this happened in my city. So ashamed...But Tadi is a very small city so definitely the culprits will be found."

DKB wrote "If my good friend Ms. Ada were your sister, fiancee, aunty, family friend wud u gladly share her pictures calling it "exclusive" ???"

D-Black wrote "It's sad to see what this young Tadi Yfm presenter went thru at the hands of rapists. God punish them & grand this young lady Ada justice."

AJ Nelson wrote "Women deserve to be pampered loved and respected,they don't deserve to be kidnapped and rape.. My heart goes to the Yfm presenter..lets love women instead of kidnapping them and raping em..."

Raquel wrote "GOD please guide and protect our innocent Women...the pain & suffering is just too much. #LadiesKeepYourHeadUp #StayPositive #StayStrong"

Akumaa Mama Zimbi: "Glory be to God for saving the life the kidnapped female presenter, Ms Ada, and now at a hospital. We demand #JusticeforAda"

Lydia Forson: Anyone circulating pictures of the Yfm presenter Ada is as guilty as the kidnappers and should also be punished.We've lost our humanity. That's the problem with this world. There's more hate than love and that's a problem.I strongly believe that the best punishment for a rapist is to be raped as well (by men) let's see how it feels to be powerless.I'm just hearing she's been found. Praise God!

Dele Momodu: Wow, just got the terrible news; may God heal the trauma!



Shatta Wale Blasts Obour - You sold Musicians Cheap to some people...

Shatta Wale is not happy with MUSIGA President Obuor, in a latest tweet the Dancehall act has hit out at Obuor saying;
"Obuor has sold us cheap to some people and he thinks he can get away with it..Ghanaian musicians wake up"
This wont be the first time the singer is criticising the Musiga boss. What triggered this tweet is unknown yet. 
Obour at the recent VGMAs announced his willingness to contest the seat again in the coming months.
As to whether he will win or not, we are monitoring!

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