Sarkodie in a series of tweets has tried explaining why some artists were excluded from his TakeItBack mentions.The BET Award winner and Sackcess Music act tweeted;

“Big ups to the fans and media pushing the #TakeItBack Agenda

Loads of Mcees killed it back in the day and trust me you can’t fix all of em on a joint but y’all know them #TakeItBack

Just for the record I don’t brag lol … I’m a rapper …

I feel most new rappers ain’t got the time to go tru the grooming stage which is very necessary …It equip you for what’s ahead #TakeItBack

Kasahari level with @DrDuncwillsent on @Adom1063fm made me who I am today… My delivery timing and command #TakeItBack

I was put on the spot several times with some weird beats lol!!! Different kick arrangements… Confusing timing

Dr. Made me tense all week cos didn’t know who I was gonna be facing the next Saturday lol… #TakeItBack

I’m ever ready and my past made me … #TakeItBack

Don’t skip to the end … Try to take it one at a time … And trust me it will be worth it … #TakeItBack

I might say the same things you say but they might believe me more and it’s just because of how long you put in work … #TakeItBack

And that’s why I take my hat off for these guys I dropped thier names on the record #TakeItBack … They know the deal

Still got surprises for SarkNation #TakeItBack”

Sarah Ayim Drives Away Renault Logan After Winning "Live Inside" Reality Contest

It was a fit of joy for 24 year old model, Sarah Ayim, as she drove home a brand new Renault Logan at the grand finale of Global Media Alliance’s maiden reality contest dubbed, “Live Inside and Win the Ride" after she became the ultimate winner.

Sarah, the youngest of all the contestants, obtained seventy-five percent of total votes cast, beating two other strong contenders, Setor and Ernestina to the ultimate prize, at the climax of the event held on Friday at the West Hills Mall in Accra.

After 40 days of endurance, all was set to for only one contestant to own a new saloon car. At exactly mid-day, many patrons of the “Live Inside and Win the Ride” competition has thronged the venue to support their favourite finalist.

Five contestants dared to stay in the competition but the number was cut to only three finalists, following an eviction and a disqualification.  Ernestina, a hairstylist, Sarah, and Setor who are both actors were the only three left to battle for the crown.

The atmosphere at the West hills mall appeared calm initially but the crowd got charged around mid-day when it was time to announce the eviction of one of the three final contestants.

Some fans had tipped 24 year old Setor as their favorite but felt quite disappointed after the announcement came for Setor to step out of the car.

Following Setor’s eviction, a tough decision was to be made between Ernestina and Sarah. Mixed feelings and excitement filled the air when Sarah was announced as the ultimate winner as she couldn’t control her emotions, knowing that her dreams have been fulfilled after all. It was obvious Sarah had less expectations but she believes her determination was worth the reward.

" I'm so excited but I know my determination is worth the reward." She said.

 “Live Inside and Win the Ride” sought to test how well contests could relate with one other. For Setor, he was able to blend well with all contestants but Ernestina thinks the competition has helped her to work on her tolerance level.

" Although I'm disappointed I couldn't win the ultimate prize, I have learnt a lot from this experience. It has helped me to work on my tolerance level." Ernestina said.



It’s been 36 days of intense rivalry, great anger, backbiting, suspense, faze and heat amidst excitement and relief inside a Renault Logan at the West Hills Mall, Weija, Accra.
Daring 5 contestants took the “Live Inside and Win the Ride” challenge but have now been narrowed down to 3 through eviction and disqualification.
With 4 days left to the end of the 40 day reality contest, Sarah Ayim (model), Setor Jinadu (model) and Ernestina Mawuse Fiah (Hairstylist) are the only contestants left to demonstrate their fortitude for the Renault Logan on Friday, April 15.
“If I don’t know how to drive, my brother wouldn’t leave his car for me. When I am going out (with a car), they (family members) give me a strong warning not to mess up (with the car),” Setor shares his driving experience with and continued “Friends in this car motivated me to take up this challenge”.
“Annoyance is the most important part of this contest. You need to work on your temperament to fit in this contest and I started with a bad temperament. My temperament can’t go to the extent of throwing blows but I can go verbally bad,” Setor told what he has learned so far from the contest.
Ernestina Mawuse Fiah, who is known in the competition as ‘Ernie’ also shared her experience with as ‘a mother caught in between teens’. “I have found myself where they (Sarah and Setor) are before so being with them is like living with siblings,” the mother of a 7-year-old daughter told today (April 11). “Yeah! She’s like my sister,” Sarah responded to Ernie’s statement.
“Trust me, it’s not been easy. I have missed her so much and want to be with her,” Ernie shares her challenge.
Sarah, who is the youngest among them dared to go home with Renault Logan. “If I have been courageous to live with them, I think the public has noticed it and they will help me to win,” says Sarah. “I have learned about time management, how to control temper, people with different attitude and those who want to stab you at the back,” Sarah shares her experience inside the car.
Should any of them win the Renault Logan, here are what they propose doing with the brand new car; Setor will use it to serve orphanage homes, Ernie will run her hairstyle business with it while Sarah will use it to run her ticketing agency.
“Live Inside and Win the Ride” is a unique endurance-driven promotion from Global Media Alliance Broadcast Company  (GMABC) where the contestants are expected to live in a car for a maximum of 40 days.
The event which started on March 8 has won the hearts of many Ghanaians who follow it keenly on e.TV Ghana, YFM, Happy FM and on social media with the hash tag #liveinside.
The show is also sponsored by Premium Motors with support from MTN Pulse, Mentos and New York Sizzler.
Patrons of the #Liveinside reality show can text Setor, Sarah or Ernie to the MTN short code 1327.
Let’s wait to see who wins the car on Friday! Browse through the gallery to see photos from today’s contest.